Unrequited love on the brain

I tilt my head back as the shots I take warm the insides of my throat. But the effect wears off, it’s never enough, just a temporary antidote. And though I swore that I’d never let a boy affect me this much, I fell deep into young love with you and now I’m feeling stuck.

So I dance to the beat, I toss my hair and I roll my hips. As I see him fall in lust with me, I wink and lick my lips. He wraps himself around me and I like the way we fit. But then you come into my thoughts and I start to resist.

‘What’s wrong’ his boys shout at me. My friends yell ‘girl don’t be so shy’. His handsome face dares me to return and take a nasty bite. I’m almost tempted but I close off as I realise, that there’s no point doing anything while you’re on my mind.


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